Tracey Blades

Tracey Blades is a fervent musician hailed by Central Florida as an expressive, impassioned musical firehouse. Blades began his musical tenure as a drummer in bands such as Derek Lyn Plastic, Partying, Fashion Fashion and the Image Boys, and RunnAmucks, earning his place as a staple in the Florida music scene.

It was well into his career that Tracey Blades decided to try his hand at song writing. As he began to navigate his solo music carrier. Blades continued to tour and play in Coma Club, Problem Pack, and other various bands.

Not until his band, Eat the Elderly, that Blades decided to put his songwriting into practice with a complete band. Eat the Elderly, headed by Tracey Blades’ best friend, Billy Helveston was an amalgamation of Blades raw emotion, Billy’s tempestuous energy, and the experiences of their lifelong friendship. Together they rocked Central Florida’s music scene and motivated each other to further develop their craft. In 2017, when Billy took his own life it pushed Blades to further develop Born Losers.

Born Losers is the culmination of all the years of honing his craft and persevering to make him the musician he is today. Born Losers is definitely a labor of love for Blades. The band represents a culmination of his life, hardships, loves, and experiences.

 Blades credits his success to his vast musical knowledge. You can hear inspirations such as, The Ramones, Johnny Thunders, The Rolling Stones, Hanoi Rocks, Joan Jett, Blaze Foley, and Iggy Pop in his music. 

Over the years, Tracey Blades, has continued to perform with his solo acoustic act that occasionally features various guest musicians (including other members of Born Losers).


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