About Us

Born Losers are an American punk/straight rock'n'roll band from Central Florida. Headed by the infamous Tracey Blades, the band formed in 2018 from a collection of crooning punx rawk deviants who met in life's greenroom. Collectively they couldn't get enough of The Ramones, Social Distortion, Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, and of course the one and only Johnny Thunders #LAMF

Since then their line-up has morphed into the cataclysmic event it is today. Their unique musical styling fuses poignant, emotionally-stirring lyrics and killer guitar solos with penetrating percussion and steadfast bass. They will make you want to cry in your beer, jump in a pit, and punch a baby (or two).

Hailed as 'Central Florida's Most sloppy, ragged, rock'n'roll genius band', Born Losers have a combined 100+ years experience in the music industry. They have had the pleasure of opening for iconic bands, such as: The Queers, Fang, and Teenage Bottle Rocket.

Currently, the band is working on a new album recorded by Joe Queer and mastered by Dan Dixon, called "Suicide Mondays" that they plan to release in November, 2023.



"Born Losers...they aren't too bad...sometimes they make you think...other times they make you drink"